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The first Slots-RPG game on iOS!
An iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad game mixing the slots machine genre with RPG elements!



"One of the best games out there"


"Wow - One of the few games on my idevice that i actually finished. I want a second one with more monsters !"



"Very clever! - Am not usually a slots fan, but King Cashing ingeniously & seamlessly integrates RPG elements into gameplay. Works incredibly well, lots of replay value, much fun for a few sort battles or a few hour marathon."


KC Download King Cashing iPhone/iPad Game
King Cashing 2 is out!
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Featuring a graphic novel story, King Cashing 2 has more weapons, more levels and more heroes!



"We don’t hand out many perfect ratings at TouchGen. I have personally reviewed about a thousand games, and given less than ten of those a five star rating. King Cashing 2 improves on the original in ways I couldn’t even imagine, and takes the formula into a completely new realm."

Torbjorn Kamblad,


"With a refined leveling system, new characters, a wealth of weapons and items and a story told with an excellent visual novel style, King Cashing 2 addresses every issue I had with the original, making it a game that begs to be played"

Eric Ford,


"The combination of chance and strategy is brilliantly done in King Cashing 2, and the gameplay along with the visual style makes this a standout game."

Juli Clover,


"Featuring an updated graphical interface, a loose storyline, and lots of zombies, weapons, and perks of varying powers to mix-and-match, King Cashing 2 offers an even deeper take on its already addicting gameplay."



"King Cashing 2: Das etwas andere Rollenspiel"

King Cashing 2 Download King Cashing 2 iPhone/iPad Game